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Full Moon Blog - This is just through the looking glass
A similar/different place for X A to rant at
Hey guys - I would REALLY APPRECIATE if you can help me get the word out about these events.

Know Call of Duty fans?

Likes free movies?

We've got stuff for you!@

Monday Night - We have a Best Buy Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 release Monday night. WIN A COPY OF COD MW2 FOR FREE! Play REAL MARINES at COD and see who's better - for prizes!!!

Thursday Night - OKgamers.com has free 2012 tickets we are giving away all week, get them here by posting or twitter:

Also – if you want to know some of our next events not next week:
OKC - 11/13 – Izumicon, three day anime convention in OKC – we’ll be down there talking about OKgamers, I’ll give some panels, etc.

Tulsa/Jenks - 12/13 – tournament at a Tulsa arcade – Funhouse and our “Last Throwdown of 09” – it’ll be fun, but is a pre-curser to the TCC event. Link on OKgamers.

Tulsa - 1/23 – Tournament at TCC Metro campus in Tulsa. This event we are doing up big offering over 100 door and tournament prizes – and some of the best competition in the state for Halo 3, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Street Fighter 4, Blaz Blue and Tekken 6! Looking for sponsors for this as well, and just looking to have a big kick off for January! Link also on OKgamers.

And that’s all the major stuff we know for the next few months! 2010 is looking great as we look to expand to working with 2 more conventions as well as continuing our community efforts with random events such as those above!


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PROBLEM - Firmware Version: 1.11NA - the D-Link guys gave us an update that you CANNOT downgrade, and that KILLS printer connection / won't print / won't connect / won't WORK. Kinda bad if you've setup your entire network to have the printer off the shareport router setup...

...however - with a bit of searching I found that there was a solution out there:

What I did was Went to Setup > USB Settings > switch "SharePort" to "WCN Confirguration" > reboot (router)

Then go back to Setup > USB Settings > switch "WCN Confirguration" back to "SharePort" > reboot (router)


Seriously. Just cycling through the settings worked. How sad is this?

Anyway - if your dealing with the Firmware fail - that's all you've got to do!

- Saif

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I know a large portion of the people out on the LJ community I know are writers..


Does this website exist?

Site for Writers to have a profile, and post their work for viewing.
Work fades away / archives / isn't all available forever, so that you have to either buy it, or pay for a membership to view it.

And geez, I guess that's about it lol.

I've got a old friend that was wanting to make such a site, but I figure it's gotta be out therre, and they simply haven't found it yet.

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So, anyone still using this anymore?

Just curious :)

- Saif
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Locally a man had bought booth space at gunshows, etc - to spread the word about how his wife had passed due to Diet Coke, the only thing she'd drink due to wanting to watch weight. They said her brain was literally covered in plastic...

While you might not believe something as outlandish sounding as his sad story, when the FDA flat out lists Aspartame as having these side effects - I mean come on people:

Aspartame, being 180 times sweeter than sugar, has had some animal research linked consumption of high amounts of the sweetener to brain tumors and lymphoma in rodents. The FDA maintains that the sweetener is safe, but reported side effects include dizziness, headaches, diarrhea, memory loss, and mood changes.


Article - http://health.yahoo.com/experts/eatthis/22630/the-truth-about-diet-soda/

There is also a link to the "20 unhealthiest drinks" - evidently Lemonaid - not so good for you lol. And pretty much anything liquid at Baskin-Robbins is going to get you in trouble lol.
- http://www.menshealth.com/eatthis/Unhealthiest_Drinks_in_America/index.php?cm_mmc=Yahoo_blog-_-ETNT-_-The_Truth_About_Diet_Soda-_-Eat_This_Not_That


MY FIRST REAL POST IN A WHILE? Yea sad, ain't it? Maybe a real update to follow later.

- Saif


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Yea yea, I'm behind, yea yea blah. Hush. Grown adults "tweeting" took me a few years to warm up to - okay? :)

Anyway - feel free to add me, @lifeasadesigner

I'll be putting the update feeds onto my LJ as soon as loudtwitter likes me.

While I don't plan on elminating my LJ or anything, since I've been warming up to status updates with Facebook, I suspect twittering shall actually stick, at least for a bit :)

Hope everyone is having a safe Christmas, and my friends and all are doing well.

- Saif
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I'll admit, I'm a weird one.

From day one I've found I get excited about strange things - normal people look at me oddly when I glow over nerdy or random things - but hey - whatever.

Macross was a love affair I started long ago, at a tender age of like 6. Then the first of three chapters in it’s Americanized version named Robotech I only knew I loved the idea of airplanes turning into robots, and the battles that ensued. Saif, the guy that never reads, devoured the entire written novel series at a young age, letting Jack McKinney spin into reality for me a world that probably spurned my creativity to this day.

Growing up I learned of anime, and proceeded to fall in love with the cult classic Macross Plus, a direct continuation in ways, from Macross. I even loved Macross II, which many fans turned their noses up to. Then again, even the die-hard fan I am, I've yet to finish Macross 7. But hey, I still suggest Macross Zero, so I call it even at that.

Macross Frontier - is the 25th anniversary series of the Macross franchise, and well, it's simply the bee's knees.

Weighing in at 25 episodes at 22 minutes each, towards the middle of the weekly plotline I began to realize I felt like every single episode was of movie proportions. Like I'd had sat back and taken in 2 hours in that 22 minutes. The stories were so rich, the references and homage paid to their roots ridiculous and overflowing, and well - I just can't put alot of it into the right words.

I sit here, knowing full well some might have felt “this” was rushed, “that” wasn't perhaps explored as well, blah. In the end - I know with a few multiple showings it'll continue to give back to me unlike any series has before. From the integrating of Macross Zero as a movie SHOT ON SHIP lol, to animating quick side characters just enough like Ben Dixon to make me take awe, I just can't say enough about the integration and tribute paid.

And it's not all re-hash. It's not the same stories told over and over again, only adding say more killing and ballsyness I might find in Gundam (Never liked Gundam due to the rivalry, but G-Seed on has been worth watching), this is a truly new thing to me. Nothing so new it's outside the boundaries, but new enough, and building on cannon. Just. Man. Frontier man. Frontier.

I promised myself I’d keep this short :)

No, to Jason and a few others I'd still stick with Heroic Age as the anime to start out with for sci-fi, etc. But as a fan of anything? Seriously, anything. To see it grow, and turn into this even 25 years later? Was well worth the wait. I salute Macross Frontier, and all things attached, this day you’ve made me a seriously happy fan.

Just. Wow.

- Saif

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That's right!

So, some of you have asked for my portfolio site - only to have me turn you down! Now, I've got it up -


For those of you that know businesses that need web or graphic needs I finally have a portfolio up for reference :) Sorry it's taken so long, simply put I had alot of materials to go through to get one together! That's what happens when your spoiled by not needing one for so long.

I do freelance work currently, so for as little as $500 someone could get a website that they can control the content of! Even posting links and photos right to their own site that they control!

I also do consulting, etc. Check out the site for more info!

- Saif
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Just so you know - I'll be showing up in OKC tomorrow night - http://www.okgamers.com/forums/index.php?topic=1594.0

Several of the solid players are showing up to OKC from Tulsa. I hear too much "oh come to my city" to not see some of you out there in OKC tomorrow night!@# SHOW UP!!
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Into Soul Calibur in Tulsa? Join a local SC community! Also, we have people who do weekly events, and are looking to throw tournaments!

Have any friends into the game? Please share this!

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