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Full Moon Blog - This is just through the looking glass
A similar/different place for X A to rant at
Oh. Yea. I went there. lol

So another chapter of Soul Calibur comes out, and my life once again - turns to acknowledge it...

...by dropping all my friends!@# MUAHAHAH!@#

Seriously, it's been real fun getting into Soul Calibur IV over the last few days. Playing online has definitely made me feel bad for the professional DOA players I know, and well frankly, anyone other than a FPS freak that wants to do anything online.

Twitch - is out. LAG LAG LAG LAG HIT! Is in.

Seriously. The ranking on XBL is 1-5 on internet connection - playing anyone below 4 is like saying "Yes - I DO want to eat ALL the lows, and unblockables - please." I've lost 7 games out of the over 60+ ranked games I have played - try and guess how many was due to lag...

...yea. Discusting.

I basically settle into strings - hopping they'll hit, and no lows or unblockables will follow - because GOD FORBID I need to do something that requires reflexes - that ain't happenin' even over BROADBAND. People never understood why I said you can't put SC online - now they will, oh yes, they will...

MY HATE FOR STAR WARS? Subsides. Yea, it could be the calm before the storm that is Starkiller proving broken, but quite frankly the joy of flattening any Yoda player that DARES think he'll pull anything off on me is quite mellowing. Sure - you can't THROW HIM. Sure - you can't HIT HIM WITH HIGHS - unless he's jumping. But hey - he's almost ALWAYS jumping. And I just treat him like a minature Voldo - MID MID MID DEAD.

After hitting an average of 40 wins to 5 losses? I've seen at least 10 players *run from me*. Most have already faced me. Some simply are afraid of stats I guess. Meh.

Oh - and for ANYONE that DARES try and tell me the romances of online play - let me explain that ANY medium that allows consecutive kicks to land - simply because your lagging to bad to EVADE THEM?!@ Bite me.


Soul Calibur as a game however? Is pretty fun. Some call it SC3 AE 1.5 - but to be frank, they can die. Most of the characters have changed, Taki and Astaroth seem to have been nurfed the most, with Xianghua following behind them, but I couldn't be happier. FINALLY - I'll have my main character again - free of the constant "well you just play X" comments. Finally, I can play her and own and be credited with it being a VALUE - vs a simple tier based win. Sigh, what a wonderful world it is...

...except that I have to deal with Cervantes, Yoshi, LIZARD-YOUCANTHITME-MAN, and a few others. It's all good though, because I'll pick up a few other characters, and tier whore against those that diserve ;)

The fully customizing is kinda annoying, and fun at the same time. Ivy dressed as Amy? Scary.

Oh. Yea. ARMOR BREAK. Xianghua's 2p literally leaves her in stalkings, guantlets, and *that's just about it.* I get so frustrated that they just NUDED my character that I lose games - or at least the first one the first time it happened lol. However the incouragement to NOT turtle means pressure is even more rewarded - this is my version even if my character is nerfed, she's got what it takes to pressure till your gauge flashes - and it's fight or die muaha. (Block too much - gem turns red, your lifebar flashes, and a few more blocked hits later your open to a 'critical finish' - full bar or not. lol)

More agressive. My character wasn't chosen because she's top tier. It's like SC1 all over again. Only time will tell if tech and exploits will ruin that or not.

- Saif

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No. Seriously. lol

So - if any of you have any magical PS3 discounts / package deals / for around the Tulsa area - let me know now!

I am thinking new - because I don't want issues lol. And 80 gig, because 100$ isn't enough to worry about long term. So yea. AHH!

In the mean time - I'll probably just be renting the 360 version, praying it works, and moving on. (XianghuaALPHA = xbl)
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Aaron's in town tonight! You know, our lovable QFish?

Anyway - hitting VI around 10!

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I'm not going to lie - I'm quite the Photoshop nerd. I was the one that had it down better than my teacher before I graduated, and was teaching the other students because the teacher just deferred to me.

And yes. I am also the one that jokes "Yea. I have forgotten more PS than you know."

However. I didn't think it was this bad -


"101 Photoshop tips in 5 minutes."

First off. It's not 101, it's like 108. Second off, the video is 8 minutes long lol.

And third? I had forgotten about 6, and only 'learned' 2. That's. Just. Bad.

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Nah. Seriously. We are FINALLY a big city y'all. WE ARE ON GOOGLE MAPS - STREET VIEW!

That's right. Pre-storm too. Because quite frankly, I have tree's again.

Also great - check out that bleak atmosphere! Tulsa at it's best.



Also. I tried to post a note about FB Marketing being evil ON facebook earlier. And it crashed. Kinda interesting eh?

Anyway - "(my age) and Still Single" ads are scary, but when I mention Battlestar Galactica in my status update, and then I'm being marketed Frak shirts? That's just creepy.

- Saif
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HELP - NERDS! lol. I need harddrive help -_-;;;

I'll make this quick too. Not to be nice, but because I sliced the HECK outta my finger getting a hdd outta my external.

That's right - my Seagate 320 gig Freeagent desktop external decided to stop working. It's like a year old. This SEEMS to be the pattern for externals anyway, so...

...I'm reviewing my options. The hdd is a SATA hdd, and I'm hoping it was simply the casing that gave out. Even if the HDD is at fault - I don't care. I don't want to get another external. I want to get hdd's - and have a way to access them.

Go to newegg, and if you type those in, you'll find cables that seem to work for around 20$. Has anyone ever even HEARD of these things? Any failings you know of? The fact they seem to cover 2.5, 3.5 IDE, and SATA seems nice...
(example - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812186036)

They seem to be around 20 now as well, but have a 750 ceiling it seems. I'd like to get a solution that won't have that limitation and have 2.5 / other options, but then again - this 'enclosure' aspect would protect the hdd more than the others...
(example - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817193020)

After going to Akon and having a fellow nerd speak highly of theirs, I've been thinking of getting one of these anyway. Now with flexiblity like the cable, and coolness points, I'm tempted. Anyone yea?
(yea - http://usb.brando.com.hk/prod_detail.php?prod_id=00469&cat_id=032&dept_id=015)


I'm just trying to avoid having this problem in the future. I heart data, and will need expandability in the future. I can deal with not having an external to drag around, but man. I need something not totally tied to a tower. I appreciate any info fellow nerds@#

- Saif

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So, we managed to get here.

Mark, Eric and I traded off driving down. While Mark drove he drilled me on techincal things he had seen in such fantastic movies as "Swordfish", and various other terms he had heard. I found it amusing for sure, and also 'sold him more' on the idea of the con we were going too - sheesh. I also got the last and 'fun' shift; while driving down Mark had no incidents, Eric dealt with supratic rain, and I put up with cocky crows, 2 semi's wanting to merge with me, and oh yea, a windsheild wiper flipped out. Other than that - we were good :)

Also - Eric and I now know where the end of 2 rainbows are. Pot of gold - here we come.

(Oh yea - if you stop in Erick to order subway at 3am? Don't use the phrase "lots of olives" without seriously considering your actions.)

Arriving into the embrace of morning rush hour, I started feeling the love of NM again. The one trip out here for SC3 years ago was still fresh, and I even still remember a few streets. The base Karl lives on is kinda depressing, but has the fun of chopper background noise. That's always a plus in my book :)

Anyway - sleep time. I need to get up bright and early at 6 or 7pm to get over to the NVGA Supercon and network, etc. Should be interesting.

- Saif

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Yea. Inviting people who play over to my house - kinda make a big night of it -


- Saif
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Today I was contacted by a client in shock - his website went down; well not down, but now suddenly requiring a password. After rushing home, checking to see if there was file damage, hacking, etc - it was pointed out that it was a IIS permissions error - that the host was most likely to blame.

Upon calling Godaddy.com I found out my problem - Godaddy STOPPED SUPPORTING PHP on their windows server.

Now don't get me wrong - they have a linux server / hosting option, that's even free to switch to. That's not the problem. The problem is they choose to turn off PHP without even warning clients - or without a re-direct or anything. No, you just got a dang login prompt - which frankly would SCARE most surfers.

Yea. Thanks alot Godaddy. Next time you flip a switch - why don't you try and research that out?

And no - I'm not bitter because the client isn't using my preferred hosting solution, it's simply I had to stress out due to a policy shift they could have done a simple search of their servers and figured out would be a bad idea. (They claim they switched, found out that it 'created problems for their customers' and have been switching back. Yea. Problems.)

It's PHP - http://www.nexen.net/chiffres_cles/phpversion/18090-php_statistics_for_january_2008.php#global

It's huge. And evidently Oklahoma is one of the lead pushers lol - http://www.nexen.net/chiffres_cles/phpversion/18284-php_statistics_for_march_2008.php#usa - go us? lol

Oh well.


In interesting news, Liz brings with her the love of COX. In that, as she works there, we get all the premium channels, and HD on demand...

...so basically I'll have no life from here on :)

- Saif

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I am so done with gamers. Seriously. They are whiny, lame and worst of all - LAZY.

I have now re-purposed OKgamers.com to what Oklahoma REALLY NEEDS.


Visit the new OKgamers.com - and let's get huntin!
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