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Sup, I'm Saif.


I've always loved to draw, and was encouraged from a young age.
For a living, I now do graphic and web design, running my own company with my two business partners, and staff.

I love asian culture.
I am bonsai'ing. I'm into anime, mainly new stuff you may not have even heard of lol.

I've always been outgoing, and tried to help people.
I'm into promoting the scene for my hobbies - which pretty much mean gaming and anime?
Anime - http://tulsanime.com - the Tulsa Anime Organization
Gaming in Oklahoma - http://okgamers.com - Gamers - go look for events, and post about your tournaments. Businesses, post your events, and get gamers to come play.

I live life with as many people as I can call friend.
Which means over the years I've made decisions when people have proven to not be friends... Meaning I've learned to value those I know to be friends even more.

Gaming - what do I play? Fighting games; really only Soul Calibur and Super Smash Bros.
I've been playing SC since late 98. After SC2 nationals, I burnt out on the scene. I got back into Soul Calibur in 06 - and added it to my hobbies. I did some travelling for SC3, and enjoyed it as an addition to my life. However, no one really seems to play it in Tulsa anymore, so I got rusty. Then the national community turned into alot of whiners. And have just about whined themselves outta existance. With no one to play, I've started looking for other games to stay competitive in, and travel for, so I can see my old SC friends that aren't total fools. Yes, I can probably beat your friend one handed, no, my friend's aren't joking when they say I have proven it lol.

My game night friends and I often play Super Smash Bros 64 for the n64, and random other games bout once a week. Slowly, I've been converting them to SSBM, and that's been interesting.

Also - getting back into SC without the arcade to gather around inspired me to start http://www.okgamers.com - which has been alot of fun - so good times.

Friend time is important, and I enjoy hanging out with people - which means having a night to watch anime, and a night to play games, or end up watching movies, and even a "Heroes" night, etc.

Being creative even in my spare time is important to me and fuels my creativity - so I've jumped at the chance to get in with a local sketch group - IM me for more info on the Tulsa Sketch Group.

When it comes to staying creative - I'll often do whatever it takes to keep that going; leading to mass media intake, TV, anime, anything pretty I come across.

In the end, I'll also do anything to keep me away from this dang computer - I like to try and be social; and have succeeded for the most part.

Play games in Oklahoma? http://www.okgamers.com - Spread the word yo, it's getting bigger by the day.

Like anime and live in/around Tulsa? http://community.livejournal.com/tulsaanime/


So - a long time ago lj became part event calendar for my group of friends. Whenever something comes up, I'll post about it, to let people know what I've been told, and as much as possible. I used to do it weekly, but no one seemed to care, so now I just do it randomly.

Enter the 'events filter'. Just because your my friend, doesn't mean your on it. If I have to post about something alot, often I just do it to the people on this filter. If you never see a 'events' post - your probably not on it. Jus ask, and I'll add you to the filter. Cause yea, otherwise my out of town friends and such - would kill me. If your a new friend, I usually auto add you if your local. Lately I've become lax, and just post to everyone though :)

My lj

I rant - and I know I do. So I don't expect you to read everything / anything - jus read the events, and skip through the entries if you must ;)

.I currently use a peice of blogging software called b2 - which with a faulty plugin that I have to kick in the face a few times I can automatically and somewhat easily clone my posts over into here - thus the 'through the looking glass' kinda feel - it's my journalling info - just not yea. Hi. Thus the 'cloned from here' links and such you'll find littering my journal.

My main blog I keep for the explicit purpose of remembering my life with - a journal and a way to mark the days - so that I can look back - and do those things you do when you ponder.

One bad thing - lj cuts and such don't work / cross over from my blog heh. So if you friend me - sorry - it's usually long -_-

I have a Xanga, LJ, Myspace and Facebook. I do my best to keep in touch :)

My site

Is old. It used to be 'onedamnpixel.com' - referencing a issue with html table design lol. Now, it's lifeasadesigner.com - but I've not redesigned yet -_- Speaking of my main site, and having already ranted long enough, if you want to know more about me - check out my site's about section. Click on Saif for more info on me, or XianghuaALPHA for more on the origins of the handle.

-- [old stuff]

Back in the day I knew of this SC blog, AngelTaki's norway version - so after finding another one and joining it kinda made me all nostalgic! [Lene, get back to SC and html! lol]

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